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  • Aditi Surie

Cities of Workers: Understanding Platform Gig Work and Urban Life

Panel Discussion at the Bangalore International Centre hosted by Aapti Institute

The growth of the gig platform economy represents a noteworthy transition in employment arrangements in favour of flexible jobs, with various tech-mediated platforms employing over 30 million people in the Global South alone. Gig work represents a promising avenue for job creation in emerging economies facing under- and unemployment. Platform-mediated gig work has transformed several domains, from mobility to food delivery and utility services in India. While some of these companies are replicating global models here, many are founded by local innovators. Many of these are also headquartered in Bangalore. This transition begs further inquiry into the future of work itself, alongside concerns about protection of workers’ interests and the challenges faced by platforms providing ‘on-demand’ work.

A panel discussion with Dr. Sakshi Khurana, Senior Specialist NITI Aayog and Ms. Aditi Surie, Senior Consultant, Indian Institute of Human Settlements. They will be in conversation with Sarayu Natarajan.

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