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  • Aditi Surie

Journal Editorial Boards

I am thrilled to be part of three compelling journal editorial boards that create space for the big debates on an ever digitizing and platformizing life.

The journal aims to bring together insights from political economy, the sociology of work, organisational theory, economic geography, development studies, industrial relations, comparative social policy, communications studies, technology policy and gender studies, to create a single authoritative source of information on the new global division of labour, combining theoretical analysis with the results of empirical research in a way that is accessible both to the research community and to policy makers.

The journal is an international, interdisciplinary journal engaging with emerging and field-changing thinking about the intersections of digital technologies, human experience, and societies. It publishes cutting-edge articles and review forums that critique or expand current thinking on questions of digitisation and set the agenda for future research.

The journal operates with open peer commentary, encouraging a dialogue between authors and a set of reviewers in order to foster critical dialogue to expand the field of inquiry.

This journal is the leading hub for humanities and critical social science research on platforms and their impacts on economies, cultures, and institutions around the world.

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