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  • Aditi Surie

Podcast: Future of Labour Post COVID-19

Future of Labour Post COVID-19: Part 1, 2 and 3 on Cyberdemocracy hosted by Srinivas Kodali

COVID has accelerated automation of labour and has forced monitoring of workers and their bodies. This excessive collection of data of labour not only brings in the question of violations of their right to privacy but other issues of labour rights and their violations by the platforms. The forceful collection of data from the labour leads to many questions of ownership of the data, the impact of this data on their wages, work and their personal life. The never-ending question of will this data be used to replace the worker with a machine still looms us? In this 3 part series, we have experts Aditi Surie, Urvashi Aneja, Anupam Guha, explaining these issues in detail. These episodes are based on the webinar “Rise of Employee Surveillance post-COVID and Labour Rights Violations” conducted by Suno India on 30 May 2020. In this episode of the series, the host, Srinivas Kodali speaks with Aditi Surie, an academic researcher with the Indian Institute of Human Settlements. Aditi’s current research investigates the nature and conditions of work in the life of urban residents bereft of state-sponsored work and social security.

Find the podcast on any player or here.

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